“They question the erosion of the nation state, which they see as the only construct that has proven capable of organizing our political and social lives. They question the capacity of Western societies to rapidly absorb rates of immigration and ‘hyper ethnic change’ that are largely unprecedented in the history of modern civilization.”

Eatwell, Roger; Goodwin, Matthew. National Populism (Pelican Books) (p. xii). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

Population Research West Australia is a public interest website, based in Perth’s Northern suburbs. We provide an alternative evidence based, data based analysis of critical issues facing West Australian citizens.

We explore Federal government immigration policy and State migration visa programs.

Our aim is to inform and communicate with working families in the suburbs whose concerns are ignored by the political establishment and elite groups in Perth and Canberra.

There has been a significant rise in the populist movement in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Driven by citizens which felt that ‘people like them’ no longer had a voice in the national conversation.

We examine the impacts rapid population change and mass migration is having on Metropolitan Perth’s suburbs, towns, jobs, quality of life, environment, and cultural heritage.

After arriving in Perth from Edinburgh UK, I worked in oil, gas, and mining in WA for 30 years as a tradesman and welding supervisor. A few years back I decided on a career change and gained a Bachelor of Science at Murdoch University.