Jim Anthony BS (Hons), Murdoch University
Population Research for the Western Australia Party
PO Box 105, Joondalup DC 6919
Email: jardin051@gmail.com

I emigrated from Edinburgh to Western Australia with family in 1993. I started off working in oil and gas, mining and power generation projects in North West Australia, Perth and the South West. I was employed in trade and technical positions (welding and quality control). It was in the latter part of the 1990’s that I became interested in immigration policy. Noticing that from the late 1990’s Australia government’s started implementing much larger migration programs in contrast to previous decades. I observed there was no public debate about the radical shift towards a huge temporary work visa program. This led to my interest in migration studies and towards a change in career. I decided to enroll in population, migration and planning studies at Murdoch University WA. Completing my studies in 2005.

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