Before the global pandemic, Australian polls revealed a growing push back against the Federal government’s huge overseas migration program. But the Morrison government are not listening and aim to increase net overseas migration to over 200,000 by 2023.

Hi, I am Jim Anthony, welcome to Population Research West Australia (PRWA). We are a public interest website, based in Perth’s Northern suburbs. We provide an alternative evidence based, data based analysis of critical issues facing West Australian citizens.

We offer well researched and sensible population growth alternatives – in comparison to Federal and State government rapid growth strategies.

In my research work I explore Federal government immigration policy and State migration visa programs.

Amid fears of overcrowded cities and homes priced out of the reach of ordinary people a survey by the Australian National University in 2019, revealed only three out of 10 Australians believe the nation needs more people.

Our aim is to inform and communicate with working families in the suburbs whose concerns are ignored by the political establishment and elite groups in Perth and Canberra.

We examine the impacts rapid population change and mass migration is having on Perth’s suburbs, towns, jobs, quality of life, environment, and cultural heritage.

The WA government’s excellent interstate border management throughout the pandemic – demonstrates State government can do sensible immigration restrictions for the benefit of West Australian citizens and the State’s economy.

After arriving in Perth from Edinburgh UK, I worked in oil, gas, and mining in West Australia for over 25 years as a tradesman and welding supervisor. I decided on a career change and gained a Bachelor of Science at Murdoch University.