From Advance Australia: “Although Pauline Hanson has been lambasted as a “dinosaur”, “racist” and “idiot” after calling for a referendum on immigration since the late ‘90s, the numbers show she is speaking for the majority of Australians”.

Recent survey reveals immigration views of Australian public

Senator Pauline Hanson is supported by 70% of Australians as revealed in a recent survey conducted by The Australian Population Research Institute.

Only 19 per cent of voters favoured a return to 240,000 immigrants a year or a higher number. 42 per cent wanted a lower number. 28 per cent favoured nil net migration. Another 11 per cent said, ‘don’t know’.

Survey results reveal, “There is a huge gulf between Australia’s elite and Australia’s electorate on immigration policies – a gulf which has hardened since the Covid pandemic began in March 2020”.

“The Coalition government, as well as leading business and employer groups, have declared that they wish to see Australia’s immigration intake restored to around net 240,000 a year when Australia’s borders are opened”. 

Morrison government looking at making significant increases in overseas migration

The Federal government’s recent Intergenerational report is exploring a radical immigration strategy which will see the intake rise from around 60% of population growth to 75% over the coming decades.

The Intergenerational report projects Australia’s population will reach 38.8 million by 2060. This will add another 6.5 million people to Australia over the next 20 years.

This is fraught with social and environmental implications.

Developing a rapid population growth policy largely reliant on overseas migration could radically change Australia’s demographic composition in a short period of time?

It’s apparently fine for Federal Treasury to incorporate huge numbers of overseas arrivals in their budget projections. But for whatever reason they choose to ignore the financial burdens on Local and State government?

Or for that matter the potential impacts on social cohesion, quality of life and the environment?

Chart 1 below demonstrates the Australian Bureau of Statistics projection of a very high net overseas migration figure through to 2066.

(Chart 1: Population Projections, Australia, Reference period 2017 (base) – 2066)

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