The Australian government are about to restart Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks with India.

A FTA could induce wide scale visa rorting from India

Immigration specialist Leith van Onselen at MacroBusiness says a key reason why the Indian FTA failed the first time around was because Australia refused to give open access to Indians wanting to work in Australia.

At the time, Indians were behind much of the rorting of Australia’s ‘skilled’ visa and student visa systems, as documented by ABC 7.30 Report see video below which was aired a few years back.

This is still a major problem in Australia. In 2019-20 nearly 3,000 Indians entered Australia illegally by air see Table 1 below.

I recommend watching this damning video about Indian visa corruption and people smuggling by plane.

Australia has a major problem with illegal immigration.

Tens of thousands of Illegal entrants arrived in Australia by plane before the Global pandemic, mostly from the Asia Pacific region ( see Table 1).

Of the 23,226 illegal immigrants that arrived by plane in 2019-20 , only 7% were granted refugee protection visas and 93% were found to be illegal entrants.

Definition of illegal arrivals’

Non-Irregular Maritime Arrivals are those arriving in Australia without a visa by non-maritime means, such as by air. Irregular arrivals is the term used by the Australian Department for Home Affairs.

This term is also used by the European Union’s Migration and Home Affairs Policy Unit.

The EU commission prefers, the term ‘irregular’. To them it is preferable to ‘illegal’ migrant because the latter carries a criminal connotation.  

At Population Research WA we use the accurate plain-speaking definition which is illegal migrant.

Illegal immigration is a breach of a condition of entry into a host country. Illegal arrivals have no legal basis for entering and residing in the host country.

(Source: Department of Home Affairs, 2021)

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