There is pressure coming from all levels of government to escalate residential high rise in the North metro region. And the development projects are having a significant effect on the built and natural environment (See video high rise buildings in City of Joondalup).

It was Gordon Stephenson (the key planner behind Perth’s Metropolitan Region) who proposed Joondalup as a new town north of Perth back in the 1970’s.

The Joondalup Development Corporation led the initial design and construction phase of the COJ, which started in the early 1990’s.

It’s a pity a civic planner like Stephenson is not around today. Joondalup has some attractive civic buildings such as the library (see video).

The current mayor is pushing for more uninspiring high-rise buildings, a smaller version of the CBD perhaps?

Population Research would recommend the mayor and councillors invite civic building architects to provide advice on the future development of the City.

Ocean Reef Marina Development

The willingness of the COJ to push on with large scale development has prompted local citizens to question future revenue assumptions behind the Ocean Reef Marina project.

This is understandable.  It is hard to support a business case which trades of 27 hectares of prime coastal land for $2.

It is concerning the COJ are taking on financial risks in the present and the project runs out to 2033.

This makes it more difficult for prospective council members to scale back the project and the environmental impacts.

The COJ Business Case is based on high return scenarios (council rates and parking fees) from the private sale of the Marina for residential and commercial purposes.

It is the most significant privatisation project of the Northern corridor foreshore and the future cost to maintain this is unknown.

The ORM cash flows have been projected over a 50-year period. A dubious long term budget plan for local government to get involved in.

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