City of Joondalup sell high conservation land at Ocean Reef Marina for $1.

City of Joondalup (CoJ) Mayor Albert Jacob and councillors voted this week to “sell” 2 parcels of land, Lots 1029 and 1032 (27 hectares of beach front land to the developers for $1).

However, the CoJ business plan did not disclose the real market land valuation.  

In their public submissions to the CoJ, some community groups have suggested the CoJ land valuation conducted in 2019, estimated a land value greater than $60 Million?

The CoJ business plan is underpinned by returns from rates, parking and club and commercial income, projected over a 50 year period.

The CoJ revenue will clearly benefit from expanded residential development and population density.

The original development proposal in (2017) was for 79 ha. This has been increased to a significant land/sea footprint of 91 hectares.

Ocean Reef Marina represents a major failure in environmental planning and protection.

The absurdity of the McGowan government naming the Marina project ”World Class Development” reveals a insincere marketing campaign orchestrated by the government and Development WA.

The environmental impacts demonstrate The Marina plan is anything but World Class.

The Environmental Protection Authority, considered the Marina proposal would have a significant impact and irreversible loss of a substantial 46 (ha) nearshore habitat. The land component is also producing major habitat loss, 26 (ha) of Bush Forever site 325 is being cleared. This area represents a linkage between the adjacent coastal bushland north, south, and east.

Furthermore, the McGowan government excised an area of 143 hectares from Marmion Marine Park A class reserve to facilitate the expansion of Ocean Reef Marina development.  

Marine and land habitat destruction of this magnitude is clearly not World Class.

There will be 3,000 people residing on a high-rise Gold Coast type development stretching along 1.5 kms from Resolute Way to Boat Harbour Quays.

The coastal strip is taxpayer owned and Perth citizens are extremely fond of their fantastic sandy beaches and pristine marine environment.

The Marina project represents a major departure from WA Government’s traditional protection of Perth’s coastline from overdevelopment. And indicates a total failure to implement environmental planning and development worthy of a high conservation zone.  

The McGowan government have become fixated with their rapid population plan.  

The McGowan government have an extremely concerning agenda to grow Greater Perth and Peel to 3.5 million people (2050) without being able to reflect on the problems this is causing. Their is considerable community angst and frustration with the scale of the Marina project, not withstanding the environmental consequences.

The Ocean Reef project reveals how irresponsible the McGowan government high-density population plans are.

We believe it is critical the government go back to the drawing board and work on a lower social and environment impact concept.

We also believe it is time to move Planning Minister Rita Saffioti to another government department.

Migration Research Metropolitan Perth (using the Australian Bureau of Statistics population projections) has demonstrated the Metro region can have sensible growth and development by significantly reducing WA’s migration intake.

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