BACK IN THE 90’S AUSTRALIAN POLITICIANS, LIBERAL AND LABOR, made some radical migration decisions, turning away from Australia’s nation building European migration program.

Implementing the 457-visa program and temporary migration, favouring migrants from the Asia Pacific Region, a substantial amount from Communist China, see Table 1 below.

Could this be a long-term threat to Australia? How many Chinese nationals or dual nationals in Australia, still retain membership of the Chinese Communist Party?

Issues with Chinese students in the USA

In 2020, the USA government revoked the visas of more than 1,000 Chinese students and researchers who are deemed to be a security risk.

Nearly 370,000 students from China enrolled at US universities in 2018-19.

By the end of February 2021 there are 145,000 temporary migrants from China, in Australia, most are students.

There are also many Chinese nationals on bridging visas which enables an extended visa stay, rather than being returned to China.

Australia’s migration future

Does Australia need to significantly cut back the temporary migration program (1.76 million visas in Australia, February 2021)?

It is a serious concern that Asia Pacific leaders have such a disrespectful attitude towards European Australian’s. It does not bode well for future trade, cultural and migration relationships.

A Chinese General has dismissed Australia’s attempts to bolster its military. Sensationally declaring “white supremacy” was a key motivator for Australia’s military-related decisions.

Similar insulting rhetoric come from, ex Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, recently deriding European Australians:

“European Australian’s can try and sustain their culture, their language, but the inflow of Asians into Australia will certainly change the character and distribution of population in Australia. And in the future, they are going to be more Asian than European“.

Table 1: Australia’s population by top 10 countries of birth – at 30 June 2020(a)
Country of birth(b)‘000%(c)
New Zealand5652.2
South Africa2000.8
Sri Lanka1470.6
All overseas-born7,65429.8
(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Migration Australia, 2021)  
  1. (a) Population estimates for 2020 are preliminary.
  2. (b) Top 10 countries of birth for overseas-born as at 30 June 2020.
  3. (c) Proportion of the total population of Australia.
  4. (d) Excludes SARs and Taiwan.

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