The McGowan government are promoting their Marina plan as a “world class project” when it is really a scheme for a high-rise housing estate.

It forms part of their goal to significantly increase density in Greater Perth, to 3 million by 2040, and 3.5 million by 2050. This project reveals how destructive their high population density plans are.

There will be 10 storey high rise, 1000 plus dwellings, the potential for 3,000 plus people crammed into a coastal conservation zone.

Population Research calculate this high impact project could increase the population of Ocean Reef by nearly 40% (based on 2020 population estimates).

The population density of the Marina could grow to over 100 people per hectare (land area only) that is 7 times greater than Ocean Reef suburb currently has a density of 15 people per hectare.

According to Landcorp/Development WA Business Case (Draft 2017), the land area makes up 37.4%, the marine footprint comprises 62.6% of total development area. Indicating the project will cause substantial destruction and damage to the undeveloped marine component and the rich abalone reef

The traffic impacts on the surrounding area will also be considerable.

It is bewildering this development is proceeding without significant changes to reduce environmental and social impacts.


  1. There’s plenty of land around Perth with out tearing up and changing the natural coast line that impact the reef and all the Living creatures there.
    This was an ocean marine reserve.


    1. Correct, Ocean Reef is Part of Marmion Marine Park A class reserve from Trigg up to Burns beach. I agree there is lots of land around Perth. The major issue is the Labor government have put in growth boundaries, packing more people into established suburbs and coastal areas such as Ocean Reef.


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