All the evidence demonstrates Australia is not a racist country.

Ethnic groups from all over the world are lining up to migrate to Australia in their thousands?

Left-wing racial theory is an attack on white European Australians who are neither racist nor believe in divisive left-wing ideology.

The biggest ethnic groups migrating to Australia are from Asian Pacific regions.

The history behind Australia’s Asian Pacific Region Migration Program (APRMP).

After the second world war Australia’s migration program become more diverse.

Between 1945 and 1976, 1.5 million migrants came from countries other than Britain, predominantly European nations.

However, the more radical reorientation of Australia’s migration program started back in the 1970’s by the Australia Labor Party (ALP), with Gough Whitlam as their leader.

The Whitlam government introduced a Racial Discrimination Act in 1975. During the same period, international agreements relating to immigration were negotiated, with several Asian countries.

The idea of Australia as a ‘multicultural society’, a new social experiment, was mentioned for the first time in 1973 in a speech by the ALP Minister for Immigration, Al Grassby.

Carrying through with the radical immigration reforms of the 70’s, intensified under ALP Prime Minister Bob Hawke in the 80’s and Paul Keating in the 90’s. Temporary migration took hold under Hawke and Keating and has grown exponentially since.

However, it was an Indian national, Neville Roach who had a major impact on Australia’s migration program. Roach was head of Keating’s commission into the feasibility of large scale temporary migration using the controversial 457 temporary work visa.

The ‘Roach Report’ recommended liberalise Australia’s migration program and make it easier and quicker for foreign nationals to enter Australia using temporary visas, particularly immigrants from the Asia Pacific region were Roach originated from.

Paul Keating had been working to link Australia more closely with Asian countries, consequently the ‘Roach Report’ was welcomed not only by the labor Party . With John Howard at the helm, the Australian Liberal Party implemented the 457 visa program in 1996.

The rest is history, Australia is locked into a turbo charged temporary visa system, vigorously supported by both major parties.

Indian nationals now make up the largest number of permanent migrants and temporary foreign visas in Australia.

Observing the trajectory of Australia’s immigration policies, going way back to the Whitlam era of the 1970’s, suggests the Australian Labor Party, and indeed the architect of temporary migration, Neville Roach, will be delighted how their radical migration plans have turned out? It is also worth noting that the Australian Liberal Party have been major users and supporters of the huge temporary migration program.

Australia’s migration program in 2021

Just recently the number of migrants in Australia from underdeveloped Sri Lanka, moved into 10th place, outnumbering people from Scottish heritage in Australia, see Table 1 below.

Scotland sits a high no 13 on the UN Human Development Index, whereas Sri Lanka is No 72.

Immigrants from low-income countries such as China and India have shot right up in numbers as Australia’s migration program concentrates more on temporary foreign workers with lower skill levels and standards, than advanced European countries.

Within the policy framework of a lower skilled APRMP, it was inevitable that English literacy skills would need to be lowered to sustain the massive number of migrants from non-English speaking Asian countries.

There are now five levels of English language testing, ranging from level 1 superior English for high skilled positions, to level 5 functional English. This suggests low levels of English proficiency, around the 20% mark, may be enough to gain an Australian visa?

Low income Asian countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysian nationals, comprise a high number of recent migrants entering Australia, see Table 1 below. There are over 7.5 million migrants living in Australia.

It appears some Asian politicians do not take kindly to European Australians?

Malaysia is ranked no 62 on the UNHDI. One of their major political leaders, ex Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad recently demonstrated a repulsive racist attitude towards European Australians:

“Asian immigration is transforming Australia and the country will soon become “more Asian than European”, 

“They can try and sustain their culture, their language, but the inflow of Asians into Australia will certainly change the character and distribution of population in Australia. And in the future, they are going to be more Asian than European.”

Concluding comments

If that is the case? Should European Australians be alarmed about the radical reforms in Australia’s visa system set in motion many decades ago? Regardless of whether an individual is European origin or Asian origin, should we not have the right to question the transformation of Australia’s cultural heritage due to radical immigration policy?

Perhaps it is time to revisit the Plebiscite (Future Migration Level) Bill 2018, introduced into the Australian parliament by One Nation Leader, Pauline Hanson?

Table 1 Australia’s population by country of birth – 2019(a)

Country of birth(b)‘000%(c)
New Zealand5702.2
South Africa1940.8
Sri Lanka1400.6
All overseas-born7 53029.7
Australia-born17 83670.3

(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2020)

a. Estimates are preliminary.
b. Top 10 countries of birth for overseas born are at 30 June 2019.
c. Proportion of the total population of Australia.

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