Has Western Australia reached a dangerous stage is its democracy with no checks and balances in State parliament?

The McGowan government gained total control of parliament holding the majority in both the lower and upper houses.

The states upper house is now impotent. With severely diminished political opposition, West Australian taxpayers should be concerned that they don’t have the numbers to oppose radical McGowan government proposals – or to scrutinise government performance and expenditure.

The McGowan government are far from being centrist

Population Research is wary of the comments from Mr McGowan that “People have seen — with me and my government — that we are very centrist, we are very ‘middle of the road’. The left faction, is Mr McGowan’s main support base within the Labor Party.

We have pointed out in numerous research Posts that the Labor Party are from being a centrist Party. They aim to radically increase the population density of Perth and Peel by 3.5 million to 2050.

And over 60% of this will be fuelled by overseas migration from predominately lower skilled migrants sourced from the Asia Pacific Region. Most new migrants to Australia are low-skill, and they may be slowing wage growth for unskilled local labour.

Just as radical is WA Labor’s plan to alter the structure of Perth’s attractive green low-density suburbs. Their strategy is to channel nearly 50% of population growth into infill growth boundaries and restrict development of larger family sized lots on the outer suburbs.

Some of the McGowan government’s detrimental policies over the past 4 years

  • WA Labor is handing out hundreds of positions to overseas migrants.
  • The McGowan government talk environmentalist policy. But they have gone ahead with high impact environment destruction at Ocean Reef Marina. Over 30 hectares of coastal bushland forever cleared and the destruction of a rich abalone reef. The development could have been much lower impact in scale.

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