The Morrison Government is putting pressure on West Australia to take in migrant workers. The big Australia population fanatics in the Federal government are brazen. Over 1 million Australian’s unemployed, yet Immigration Minster Alan Tudge is demanding the States reopen their skilled migration program starting January 2021.

McGowan government refuse to take the lead on population policy

The Federal government have no power over Western Australian when it comes to State government policies. The McGowan government could simply reject the Big Australia extremists at the Federal government and implement a population policy, which benefits West Australian citizens.

However, the McGowan Government refuses to put Western Australia first. They are on board with the Morrison Government’s mass migration policy. This is why the State and Federal government jointly fund Perth’s disruptive, ugly and huge infrastructure projects around the city. It’s part of the Commonwealth and State Government population agenda rezoning Greater Perth into a high density Global city similar to cities in East Asia.

The Morrison population policy is priming Western Australia to get ready for the Post Covid-19 huge intake of overseas migrants predominately from the Asia Pacific region. Net overseas migration comprised over 60% of Australia’s population growth over the past decade.

What about West Australia’s unemployed?

The flaws in Federal and State migration policy are obvious. Treasury economists run Australia’s immigration policy. There is less concern about social cohesion, local unemployment, traffic congestion, home ownership or selective high skilled migration. If there were, Federal Government would have scaled back net overseas migration, by at least 50% years back.

The Centre for Population view low skilled migrants as primarily consumers and taxpayers to fund infrastructure projects, schools, hospitals etc, to accommodate there rapid population policy. Budget forecasts have become over reliant on a huge low – skilled migration program. But there is a big downside, local unemployment. See Table 1 below.

Where migration does displace existing populations, it tends to affect people with low skills and youth the most. In Western Australia there is no demand for foreign workers but there are nearly 100,000 West Aussies looking for work, including 32,500 youth aged 15 to 24. 

Table 1: Unemployment in Australia, November 2020 seasonally adjusted

MonthLabour force total (million)Official total unemployed (000’s)Official unemployment rate
Zero hours economic reason (000’s)Official unemployed plus zero hoursEffective unemployment rate
 Nov 202081.701,023.807.4%

(Source Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2020)

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