Australia’s mass migration lobbyists are out in force.

Reserve Bank Australia governor Philip Lowe is proposing the Australia government needs to start looking overseas to fill jobs. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian wants to start bringing in more foreign students with work permits and thinks other states should do the same.

These are outrageous immigration proposals. The dust has barely settled on the Wuhan coronavirus and there is well over 1 million Australian’s struggling to get a place in the job market. [1]  In this context, it’s hard to believe Australia’s migration globalists can be so indifferent?

It’s time for change. The Western Australia Party is for lower net migration not mass migration. The Western Australia Party is extremely disappointed that Australian political and business elites have started the push for large-scale immigration. Not only that, Australia’s unemployed have 1.9 million temporary foreign workers to contend with in the Labour market.[2]

Mass migration – don’t ignore it’s negative impacts.

Migration lobbyist’s come with their predictable calls of economic catastrophe if the huge number of temporary foreign workers is tailed back. Reserve Bank Australia governor Philip Lowe said Australia needs an influx of migrant workers to get the economy working again.[3]

These are tried and failed immigration policies, which have taken our cities down the path of massive infrastructure spending and traffic congestion. Housing demand far outstripping supply, leading to over priced house and land packages. In addition, the West Australian government are forcing their high-density housing projects, which are drastically changing the character and liveability of Perth’s high quality low-density suburbs.

Federal and State governments are desperate to revive the massive migration intake if only to hail movement towards higher economic growth while oblivious to migration failures. A growing economy driven by lower skilled immigration is not a panacea to a productive and wealthy country.

Turbo charged temporary migration is a lazy economic solution

Before the Covid-19 outbreak Australia’s GDP per capita was in recession.  A sure sign that Australian was having major issues with productivity.[4]   Some have argued pursuing a rapid migration intake is a lazy economic policy because it relies primarily on flooding the market with lower skilled overseas worker to grow the economy.  A study by the Grattan Instituted used Census data from 2001 to 2011, revealing the shape of Australia’s migration system has shifted significantly towards younger, less-skilled migrants[5]

Even the pro mass migration Australia Labor Party has challenged the tendency to oversupply the Labour market with lower skilled temporary migrants. Their home affairs spokes person Kristina Keneally argued, ‘Australia should use the COVID-19 border closures to reconsider the country’s economic reliance on temporary migrants and encourage unemployed Australians to fill the labour gaps’.[6] 

However, the lazy economic strategy is emerging once more. The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, wants to starting bringing in more foreign students and overseas workers. [7] Yet there is nearly half a million foreign students currently in Australia all with working visas. The NSW Premier argues that other states, such as West Australia, should take her advice and ‘lift their game’ on overseas migration. [8]


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