The Western Australia Party will push for State migration reforms ensuring West Australian’s unemployed are prioritised in the labour market. For too long, Federal and State government have relied on labour market testing and it does not work. We have over 1 million unemployed and yet there are over 1.9 million temporary visa holders Australia (see Table 1 below).[1] Most of these foreign nationals have Australian work permits.

West Australia businesses are still able to sponsor workers from overseas. From July to Sep 2020, over 1,200 temporary skilled shortage visas gained work in the State. [2]The Morrison Government should abandon this program; there are no skill shortages in WA. There are nearly 100,000, West Australian’s unemployed (rate 6.7%).[3]

Table 1: Temporary entrants visa holders in Australia at 30 September 2020

Sum of Visa Holders30/09/20
Visa CategoryNumbers
Crew and Transit8,337
Special Category657,186
Working Holiday Maker65,066
Other Temporary5,155
Temporary Resident (Other Employment)32,189
Temporary Resident (Skilled Employment)117,316
Temporary Protection17,786
Temporary Graduate107,865
Grand Total1,912,054

(Source: Department of Homes Affairs 2020.[4])

The Western Australia Party State migration policy

The Western Australia Party will safeguard the State’s unemployed by pressuring the McGowan government to terminate the regional migration program for Greater Perth. The WA Labor government still refuse to do this.


[1] Australian Government, ‘Temporary Visa Holders in Australia | Datasets | Data.Gov.Au – Beta’, 2020 <> [accessed 9 July 2020].

[2] Australian Government.

[3] Australian Bureau of Statistics, ‘Labour Force, Australia, September 2020 | Australian Bureau of Statistics’, 2020 <> [accessed 15 October 2020].

[4] Australian Government.

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