Population Research WA has decided to join up with the Western Australia Party (WAP).

I am delighted to take up the offer of working with Charles Smith MLC the Western Australia Party’s representative in State parliament. I will be No 2 on Mr Smiths’ ticket for the East Metropolitan Region.

I look forward to continued and growing support from our website supporters and followers. We will continue to publish our regular research articles, updates and news.

I also encourage West Australian visitors to provide comments on our research and policy work. This will will assist in shaping our population and migration policies going into the March 2021 State election.

The WAP originated in West Australia and was founded in 2016 by Party Leader Julie Matheson. Importantly, this means there is no influence in WAP policies from politicians in Canberra.

The politics of the WAP combines a conservative centrist approach (opposing political changes which would result in a significant shift of WA society). With decentralist planning, enabling local people to have greater say how their regions and localities are planned and developed.

A practical way this can happen is through legislating third party appeal rights for property owners and communities adversely impacted by inappropriate planning decisions. This is a core WAP policy.

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