The aerial shot demonstrates the environmental destruction caused by the McGowan Government’s planning and development policies at Ocean Reef. This is the start of destroying 30ha of Bushland Forever 325 site and significant damage to the Marmion Marine Reserve, Abalone reef and limestone cliffs. This so that developers can build 10-storey high apartments, over 1,000 dwellings (3,000 plus people in a high conservation area).

It is very concerning that the McGowan government are mismanaging taxpayers land (it is crown land with some part-owned freehold by the City of Joondalup).

Population Research WA urges West Australian’s to make an appeal and send letters or get involved in any way they can. The McGowan government aim to implement high-density projects all over Greater Perth so the only way to make a difference is to submit public disapproval with out of scale planning and development projects.

The very high density proposal is driven by the McGowan government strategy to grow Greater Perth to 3.5 million people by 2050.[1] A key component of government policy is encouraging more immigration into WA and they will restart this when the international borders reopen. A significant portion of population growth (60%) was driven by overseas immigration before the Wuhan virus arrived in WA.

Closing comments

Government planners (State and Local) appear to be taken a radical approach to the development of Perth’s North West Corridor. It is most unfortunate that such a large project does not come under the scrutiny of those most affected (i.e the local residents). There is no third party appeal rights for local residents. If third party appeals were enabled, there would be scope for the community to amend the development producing less ecological damage and social disruption.

[1] Government of West Australia, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, ‘Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million Frameworks.’, 2018 <> [accessed 2 October 2019].

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