It didn’t take long for the PM Scott Morrison to open up Australia’s air borders. On March 20, 2020 Australia closed its borders.[1] In less than 2 weeks by April 1, 2020, the Australian air borders are once again open for business.[2]

The Australian Government has re-launched hundreds of flights to deliver fresh produce to key international markets. The biggest market of which is the land of the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP).[3]

In secrecy the CCP threatened there own people from informing the world about the Wuhan virus and knowingly let it spread throughout international borders. According to reports a crucial seven weeks passed between appearance of the symptoms and the CCP’s decision to lock down Wuhan.[4]

This is what the oppressive CCP do. They close down concerns from there own people and lie about the Wuhan virus, allowing the disease to explode across the globe.

It is hard to imagine the level with which the actions of those linked to the CCP have stooped during this Coronavirus epidemic. Chinese-owned Risland Australia, boasted online last month that “90 tons of selective medical supplies” where air transported direct from Sydney to Wuhan via corporate jet.[5]

Other acts such as those from Chinese nationals working for the CCP backed property giant Greenland Group were instructed to put their work on hold and source essential medical items in Australia to ship back to China.[6] Can you imagine Australians doing that in China? This is the actions and instructions of the destructive CCP which is Australia’s biggest trading partner.

Foreign students.

Over 200,000 Chinese students attend Australian universities. Student visas contain automatic working rights which means they compete with Australian’s for local employment. There is no legal requirement for a Australian Business to employ an unemployed permanent resident or Austrian citizen, before they employ a temporary visa/foreign student. Thousands of Chinese students are able to move through the visa pathways offering long term stay or permanent residency. Chinese nationals comprise the second highest number of permanent visa grants in Australia. This strongly indicates that Australia governments’ and citizens have a welcoming attitude towards foreign nationals. Yet the Chinese Communist Party treat Australia and its citizens with contempt.

Surely the West Australian Government can no longer trust the CCP?

It’s time for Australia and our own State of West Australia to gradually distance ourselves from the CCP and expand our trade and skilled migration routes with similar free and open democratic countries as our own.

For example, before the Wuhan virus spread across national borders, Central and Eastern Europe has witnessed one of the most dramatic economic spurts of growth in recent times. [7] Hungary is a good example of a prospering Central European economy. They recorded a 5-year real average GDP growth of 3.2% from 2012-2017.[8]


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